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Design Services
If you are considering building or modifying a craft, you owe it to yourself to get the best information available. In the dynamic marine environment, stakes are high and quality becomes an issue of life safety.

Interested in a cost estimate? We have the experience and the capability to give you budget numbers for a variety of design and equipment options. The most important phase of planning, the preliminary design, can identify what specific aspects of a craft can be modified to meet your budget.

Consider a custom modification. We have developed a range of proven boat designs and options that can be integrated into the ideal craft for your specific needs – one that exceeds your expectations for aesthetics, performance and safety. If we can meet your needs by making modifications to a stock design, you can have a truly custom boat for a fraction of what others charge.

Using the most advanced techniques in surface modeling, you can watch your ideas take shape, experiment with alternative layouts, and equipment configurations. Finalized designs are then computer lofted, and fully developed plates are prepared for production.

Safety is the consideration. Once we have your design in digital form, we'll introduce a variety of sea states and judge the hull performance in the most critical conditions, taking into account speed, load balancing and wave action. As a member of the American Boat & Yacht Council we follow industry accepted design practices. With the safety of you and your family at stake, nothing less will do.


Setting Standards for Safety

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