WB & Nod

Design Philosophy

At WB & NOD we believe safety should not have to be compromised to ensure either aesthetics or performance.

We advocate specific hull forms for specific functions. We don’t believe that a boat should be designed for all situations. Application compromises mean safety compromises, often in an environment where there are no second chances.

The safest, most efficient craft is always one that is designed for a specific purpose. When a boat is touted as designed for "offshore to shallow water applications" the net results are sacrifices in performance and safety.

For this reason, the power boat designs we offer are available in an 'Offshore Xtreme' and 'Rivers Edge' hull form. Each hull is designed for proprietary use to maximize hull efficiency and operator safety.

Every craft we design must have undergone countless hydrostatic, structural, stability and speed algorithms prior to final approval. With our reputation standing on your safety and satisfaction, nothing less would do.


Setting Standards for Safety

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